PC building as a hobby has also become an art, there are incredible builds that many admire with envy,   but most cases offer similar component layouts, a static environment that limits the possibilities of a build.

To get features like additional fan slots or space for liquid cooling, better cable management, or additional storage bays, you would need to purchase  a new case, maybe one that is bigger, or smaller, with better airflow or one with a tempered glass, but you would still be getting a static solution for a dynamic need.

Todays PC builders are very demanding, they want to push the limits of there hardware, and get the most performance possible, they need a case that gives them the flexibility to mod, tweak, and optimize to increase the performance of their system easily, quickly, with no compromise and no restriction.



In partnership with Streacom, Maverick shared the idea of a simple and efficient solution of an open case design that uses magnetic screws to hold the component while allowing it to be positioned anywhere on its surface, Streacom captured the essence of our vision and manifested it in a perfect piece of art that complements its functionality.


A dynamic solution for dynamic needs

Streacom used its expertise engineering and combined it with high-quality materials to craft the Canvas, anodized aluminum was used to create a timeless minimalist solid frame to hold a powder coated 430 stainless steel plate that was selected for its powerful magnetic force, the Neodymium magnet screws can hold the components safely in place while allowing you to easily slide them anywhere on the Canvas surface.

How it started

The Canvas is an idea that comes from a gamer that has a passion for technology, and loves to build, tweak, mod and optimize a rigg to get the most performance out his components, limited by his computer cases and not satisfied with what was available on the market the desire of wanting more than just the next best computer case started to make him think, “what if I created a case” the opportunity was clear.


That journey led to the discovery of Streacom, after making contact and sharing some conversations of our ideas and values we created a partnership to bring an idea to a concept and then to a prototype, the results is a very exciting flexible solution that offers so many possibilities.

looking for a way to bring this exciting project to the market quickly while sharing it would be the next challenge, combining crowdfunding with Streacom 10 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution would be the best and quickest way to turn this project into a final available product.

Streacom and Maverick would like to invite you to participate in this launch and share this awesome case!