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The original concept for the Canvas started of as an idea from a gamer with a passion for technology. Building, tweaking, modding and optimizing his rig, it became clear that the biggest limitation in customization was the case itself.  Not satisfied with what was available on the market coupled with a desire to approach the problem from a different direction, a simple question was posed, “what if I created my own case ?”


The journey to create this new case led Streacom as they had partnered before with enthusiasts to create new products, and after sharing the goal and values it was clear that the synergy would refine and enhance the idea. A partnership was created to bring an idea to a concept and then to a prototype, the results is a very exciting flexible solution that offers so many possibilities.

Streacom has been pushing the boundaries of PC case design for the past decade with products like the DB4 and BC1, they were are natural partner for the is project. With their proficiency of clean, functional design and arguably some of the best premium manufacturing services in the industry, they were able to quickly grasp and translate the original idea into its current form today and will continue to see this project though to what is guaranteed to be a perfectly finished product.

Maverick is a startup company that has chosen to specialize in premium quality computer gear, but with a think-out-of-the-box approach that breaks the status quo of design, function and performance. What Maverick doesn’t have in terms of history, it makes up for with passion and dedication to creating exciting new products for the PC market. This is only the beginning of an exciting journey to turn lifelong hobbies into shared product experiences.

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